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Ballpoints & Bourbon. Dreamerflow: A delicate man's desires ♫

Terrence Telle
The smoke dances in my lungs and my lips burn as they trail across the soft skin of your neck. It’s been months since your love stained my fingers, and I haven’t been able to scrub you off.
It hardly matters if my eyes remain open or not, I see you in every shadow and every corner. The darkest parts of my mind had become your playground and oh don’t you love to play. The red marks on my back still sting and as I pace my kiss between your thighs, it becomes such a satisfying pain.
I’m feeling reckless tonight, can you bare the full brunt of my impulsive desire for the night? I can’t promise to be gentle but know my aggression is pure, I will devour you in the sweetest way, with your beauty intact and your body painted in pleasure.
The bottle can only suppress so much temptation and the more I drink, the further I seem to fall. How much longer can I play this dangerous game?
- K.M (The Winterberry)

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